Who we are

Biz Consulting Leads is a B2B marketing solutions provider specializing in lead generation for consulting companies in specific industries and verticals. We have more than a decade of experience enabling our customers grow their client base through targeted lead generation and lead nurturing. The key edge Biz Consulting Leads delivers is a constant, consistent flow of highly qualified consulting leads from multi-channel marketing strategies.

Biz Consulting Leads was founded in 2004 to serve a clear need among consulting firms looking to outsource part of their prospecting activities. By providing lead generation services tailored to meet the unique requirements of business consulting companies, we were able to solve a major problem faced by consulting firms: how to keep their prospect pipelines flowing. Over the years, we continued to innovate and set many of the industry’s lead generation standards. Today, Biz Consulting Leads has over 800 marketing professionals helping consulting companies reach their marketing and sales goals.

What we offer

We carry out targeted B2B marketing campaigns on our clients’ behalf and deliver qualified consulting leads. We do this through our three main service packages: multi-channel lead generation, telemarketing, and event telemarketing. To execute and manage campaigns, Biz Consulting Leads provides a dedicated campaign team as well as a powerful CRM platform.